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I am a researcher and independent consultant with a passion for bridging research and practice.


In my research role at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, my work has focused on transformation of food systems toward those that support sustainable futures. My work has synthesized what we know about the sustainability of certain food contexts, explored opportunities for a positive transformation and identified barriers that will need to be overcome.


My consulting business was borne out of the drive to create a space where I could work with a range of food system actors - companies, organizations, decision-makers and NGOs - and help them use existing scientific knowledge to guide them in their work. In a world where we face increasing turbulence and truly existential challenges, there is no excuse to leave science on a shelf.

Nordic expertise

As a researcher based in Stockholm, I have had the opportunity to travel around the Nordic countries and connect with food system actors. The level of collaboration to develop better food systems across the Nordics is unique, but each country faces its own challenges and has explored different paths forward. This is certainly a region to watch for sustainable solutions and innovation in food systems.

International training

My roots, however, are not Nordic. Born and raised in the US, I moved abroad after graduating from university with a degree in nutrition science. I spent seven incredible years in New Zealand earning three post-graduate degrees. This included a Master of Public Health and a PhD focused on food policy and governance in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. After graduating, I interned with the World Health Organization in Geneva briefly before landing in Stockholm. My next adventure is a research exchange that brings me full circle back to the US.