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Welcome to the Nordic Foodology podcast!

Are you curious about how we can shape food systems that help us and our planet thrive? Then join me as I chat with experts around the Nordics who have dedicated their careers to just that question. By breaking down the complex science on food and sustainability, my hope is that you can use what you learn to make more informed decisions, advocate for big changes and maybe just have a bit of fun in the process.

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For those of you interested in how this podcast came about, here's a little taste of its origin story. I love seeing research out in the world where it can be used, but it can be hard to dedicate significant time to communication as a researcher. We have to spend a lot of time, well, doing the research. So I decided to make this little labor of love outside of my research role, allowing me to talk about science in a more relaxed - and hopefully engaging - way. I also wanted the chance to push my boundaries by diving into topics that aren't in focus in my researcher role. And voilà, Nordic Foodology was born.